(Originally Published on 15 May 2020)

When we picture pagan war gods, we usually think of bloody, man-hating Ares, or Thor, or even Odin.

We might think of Athena, the Patron of Heroes.

Too seldom, do we think of Freya.

Most people understand Freya as a Goddess of Love and Romance, invoked at Viking weddings. Invoked when setting a kitten in a new bride’s lap.

Some know she was also the commander of the Valkyries, the Choosers of the Slain whom the All-father dispatched to battles, sometimes with specific orders to bring him the shade of an individual hero.

Fewer grasp that she was a War-Goddess in her own right and that half of the slain went to her hall, Volkfang, rather than the more famous Valhalla.

And…Freya got first pick.

I think these facts are less known because there is no mention of Freya and her cohort in the Voluspa, the “prophecy” that tells us how the Gods will fight and perish against the Jotuns at Ragnarok.

But that is an essay for another time.

Tonight (it is always night on my blog, by the way), I want to talk about what it means that the Norse saw their Goddess of Romance and Love (and possibly Hearth and Home, if we understand Freya and Frigga to be the same) as also being a War Goddess.

There is a solid faction of men out there, who, having been hurt emotionally or financially at the end of a relationship with a woman, sum up the lessons learned by adopting only the most bitter of the Red Pill’s truths. The courts do favor women. She doesn’t love you like you love her. She wants the very best man she can get.

AWALT, of course. But for some of us that phrase is a celebration and for some it is condemnation aimed at strangers.

As far back as Plato, Philosophers have pointed out that it is not the act of a rational male (see what I did there?) to risk his personal extinction for any cause. Any rational, intellectual consideration of pros and cons that includes “CON-I’M DEAD” leads to the rejection of that proposition. 

War is an essentially passionate (what Plato called “thymotic”) pursuit then. While rationality and intellect won’t promote the love of struggle and glory, passion does. Passion will push a man into those arenas where he risks everything, even extinction.

That is what Love and War share.

You commit everything you are and risk the possibility of being damaged or destroyed or you’re better off staying home.

No soldier steps onto the battlefield hoping to die. No boxer or MMA fighter steps into the ring hoping to die, even when he recognizes he might lose.

But he understands he IS taking that risk. The possibility of destruction accompanies the certainty of pain.

He does everything possible to mitigate that risk beforehand. He trains, physically and mentally. He equips himself. He plans.

But…he also understands that the most certain way to find his death on a battlefield is to commit less than everything, to hold back when it is time to act, to HOPE to survive. 

And, of course, the paradox is completed by the idea that the warrior who embraces death, and gives up his intention to survive is that one who might survive after all and seize victory.

And so it is with Love.

That man who approaches women and the idea of Love and being in Love with less than total commitment is doomed, damned. Of course he will be hurt, holding back his passion (or devoid of it from the start), trying to seize the pleasure and glory of a woman’s flesh. That man of intellect and mere desire cannot survive Love any more than he can survive War.

When a man accepts his role as husband and father and lover, he must understand that he is risking destruction. If he chooses poorly, if he is untrained, undisciplined, ill equipped for the demands of having a family, he will be destroyed.

I speak here from experience.

And if knowing he risks destruction, if knowing he risks destruction and understands that he is not capable of surviving the demands of love, he is correct to avoid the field altogether.

If a man lacks that balance of intellect and passion then he will fail as a warrior and is better off as a shop keeper or clerk. He will also fail at love. 

Right now, some few MGTOW and Red Pill Men reading this (there won’t be many) are looking for the button to reply to this post so they can call me a “blue-piled simp”, a “white knight”, or just laugh mockingly that they get all the pussy because alpha=asshole and I’m obviously a foolish, foolish beta.


The problem as I see it is that if there are “truths” out there that you can only respond to with bitterness, then you’ve failed.

If a man cannot be a warrior because his reason chides self-sacrifice for what he believes in as foolishness, if he cannot be a lover because women are creatures of hypergamy and incapable of “true” love then he is, quite simply, less than what the Gods demand of him, less than what he was designed to be.

If a man is afraid of getting hurt, and he lets that fear make his decisions in regard to his enemies or to his loves, then he will be destroyed. 

And it won’t be her fault.

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