Joseph Hall


Splashed sensationally across the cover of my 2018 printing of STARSHIP TROOPERS 1is the descriptor “The Controversial Classic of Military Adventure.” It is an interesting claim as the novel only contains two scenes of battle. Of course, that is part of the controversy; the rest being the pages of world building and what many suspect is Heinlein’s own view of a perfect fascist future. The book describes …

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            It occurred to me then that I’ve never addressed the home-defense shotgun here on the blog so here we are addressing that oversight. We’ll call this one: THE HOME DEFENSE PUMP SHOTGUN or something equally SEO grabbing. I’m not going to do a lot of compare and contrast in this short essay.

Jürgen Conings Died Alone.

Someone needs to tell fat rednecks who love their black rifles (or much cheaper AK knockoffs) that if they are sincere about carrying a weapon in the militia, they have an obligation to be proficient and fit and trained in insurgent warfare.

Like Jürgen Conings.

Like Chris Dorner.

If you’re not training and not educating yourself effectively, that is the way you are headed. When Z-Day comes, you’re going to be in a mass of faces that have studied Evola and Robert Greene and Sun Tzu and Machiavelli and you are going to wish someone had read FM 3-06.