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If a man must defend what he cherishes, what he loves.

When evil men come and hurt those he professes to care for, how much he loves them does not matter AT ALL. We’ve established a list of priorities that the warrior engages in as he develops his prowess.

That order is:

  • Train The Spirit.
  • Train The Mind.
  • Train The Body.
  • Train The Skillset

Martial Arts Training engages you in all four arenas
It's an essential aspect of the Warrior’s Pilgrimage.

The highest levels of fitness are useless if you don’t have the will, spirit, and ability to engage in effective violence. Effective violence is necessary when an attacker is in your home and turns his attention to your wife and children. There’s no substitute for real fight training.

We hope you made that resolution when you were fifteen.

If not, make a vow to protect your family now.

I crammed the basics of finding the right martial art for YOU into this FREE book.


  • Breaks down pros and cons of the most popular styles and explains why getting punched in the face is good for you.
  • Advises on which arts will reach YOUR goals, based on your temperament and body type.
  • Discusses good signs and red flags about teachers and schools.
  • Discusses how to augment your training if you have limited access to formal training.
  • Includes an invitation to question, challenge, and consult with me until we find the right martial art for YOU.

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