An American Ronin's Field Guide

An American Ronin's Field Guide

Its a common platitude that your MIND is your greatest weapon.

Here at the AMERICAN RONIN PROJECT, we say the warrior must train first his spirit, then his mind, then his body, then his skillset.

Just as the body must be honed and trained, made strong, flexible, resilient, quick, so, too must the fighting spirit be developed and the mind prepared.

Your Three Greatest Enemies Are PAIN, FEAR, and ANGER.

The irony isn’t lost on us that “your three greatest enemies” lay firmly entrenched in your “greatest weapon.”

In all times and places,  warriors have developed practices and habits designed to enhance their resiliency -physical and psychological.

Whether its the Templar attending Mass before mounting his charger for battle…or the Ranger doing the same before landing in France on 6 June…or the Samurai kneeling in meditation…the Greek Hoplite standing in his rank outside the walls of his city…

Before you confront the enemy physically, you have to confront him emotionally, psychologically, spiritually.

And since most of us live in a world where we will not choose our next fight, but have that fight chosen by an enemy who intends to render us a mere victim, we have to develop a state of readiness that doesn’t require warning or on the scene preparation to push aside fear and anger so we can simply FIGHT BACK.

Just as we can’t elect to train with our weapon or study combatives in that instant where we are set upon by someone who means to end us and what we cherish, we can’t hope in that moment to develop a mind resistant to fear and anger and pain or just hope that, since we are men, we have some natural immunity to the psychological damage done by committing or receiving violence. 

Before the fight begins, you have to have trained:

Your SPIRIT -your willingness to fight and not accept the painful destiny an enemy seeks to impose… 

Your MIND -your ability to resist the influence of pain and anger and fear…

Your BODY -your strength, your speed, your endurance…

Your SKILLSET -the techniques and tactics and strategy designed to leave you standing and in control in the face of an enemy’s actions.

If You Aren’t Prepared For The Fight, You Already Lost.

Developing The Warrior's MIND Is No Less A Task Than Developing The Warrior's BODY

Between 17 and 27 veterans end their own lives every day.
Infantrymen. Marines. Rangers. Navy SEALs.
The most highly trained men and women our nations send to war, emerge victorious, physically unmarred…
but destroyed by the psychological damage of combat.

Modern Science, Ancient Techniques

Just as you can’t develop your body by merely reading a book on fitness,
Or develop your skillset by simply watching a training video,
Reading books on “WARRIOR MINDSET” can show you what such a mindset looks like, what training it involves, BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THE TRAINING.

Modern Science, especially the fields of psychology and neurology, have discovered what changes in the brain occur that gave the Templar, the Samurai, the Ksatriya and the Shaolin monk control of their mindset in combat. 

Endorsed by tradition, the modern warrior now also has the scientific proof that meditation provides the warrior greater psychological resiliency and a beneficial impact on how the brain processes fear, anger, and pain.

Meditation Is The Single Greatest Force Multiplier At Your Disposal

Your hours in the gym, lifting, pushing, pulling,
Your hours in the training hall, punching, kicking, throwing,

I’m just asking for TWENTY MINUTES A DAY . 

Twenty Minutes A Day Puts You On The Same Path Walked By Samurai and Warrior-Monks

You might already know my story.

Growing up in a small town in Mississippi, my only exposure to meditation and martial arts came together through Kung-Fu movies at the Ritz Theatre on Commerce Street and the TV series of the same name every Wednesday night. It was there that the idea that meditation was an integral part of being truly bad-ass.

I became a student of jujitsu in 1985 when I left that small town for a college run by Cistercian Monks in Dallas, Texas. 

The short session of “meditation” we did before jujitsu class only gave me more questions. Being surrounded by men who lived a contemplative, intellectual life pointed toward an answer as they lectured me on Plato, Homer, Xenophon, Virgil.

I enlisted as an Infantryman in the US Army on the good advice of Plato, and was fortunate enough to be stationed within a short motorcycle ride of a Trappist Monastery where I spent many weekends. Years later, discharged (for the first time) from the Army, I took up residence at a Hindu Ashram for a time.

My studies in War and Meditation have never been merely theoretical, they have always been immersive experiences taught to me by men who considered them issues of Life and Death.

I Want To Teach You What I've Learned...So You Can Make It Your Own

Joseph Hall - Author

I’m Joseph Hall. And I will be your guide!

There are things about being a warrior that only war can teach.
I can teach you the lessons I learned in Iraq and Afghanistan and patrolling the US/Mexico Border.

What does that mean?

It means I’m not just a guy in angry white pajamas with a colored belt and certificates on the wall. I didn’t just take the prep courses. I passed the test on real life and death battlefields.

I know, more than many, that the final measure of what is useful to a warrior is WHAT WORKS.

I’ve written a few Field Guides on taking your place as a warrior.
I want to teach you how to protect what you love from the Bad Guys.
I want to help you develop your prowess and your warrior mindset to the greatest extent you are capable of.

And it all starts with Meditation.


Because if your mind isn’t right, if your spirit isn’t prepared, you will lose.
An American Ronin’s Field Guide to MEDITATION’ is a primer on meditation. 
It sets you on that same path walked by ancient warriors that made them fearless and calm even when confronted by the dangers of war.

It Teaches You The Basics. Things Like…

  • How to sit
  • How to hold your hands
  • How to hold your tongue
  • How to breathe
  • How to rein in your mind
  • And much more

What Doesn’t It Teach?

  • This isn’t about religion, spirituality, or esoteric teachings.
  • It’s all practical, “How To” kinda stuff.
  • Its about being a more effective warrior.

Who Is This Guide For?

  • ‘An American Ronin’s Field Guide – MEDITATION’ is for the man or woman who wants more peace in their lives.
  • Warriors who want control over those three internal enemies: Pain, Fear, and Anger.
  • People who have never sat on a meditation mat before.
  • Beginners who barely know how to control their breathing.

Who’s Teaching It?

It’s fair to ask what makes me think I know so damn much. I’m not a Samurai, obviously. I’m not a Ksatriya or a Knight of The Temple. I’m not a priest. I’m not a monk. I’m not even a former Navy SEAL sniper/assassin with over 3,000 kills.

But here’s what I do have…

In high school, I read Lawrence Leshan’s book about meditation. I don’t remember where it came from and I didn’t develop a real practice then. But I began to understand what Kwai Chang Caine was doing when he sat on a rock minding his own business. In my first year of college, I rediscovered Leshan, and re-read his work. I started to get more from those few minutes of meditation we performed at the beginning and end of every jujitsu class.

Training with the Army Marksmanship Unit, I learned a breathing exercise. This exercise relaxes the shooter to increase his accuracy.

As for “meditation as meditation”, I was mostly untrained and untutored simply doing what I could figure out on my own for years before I found real teachers. I read all the insane new age books.

Through that practice, I established what would be the cornerstone of the meditation techniques I teach.

“Sit still and be quiet.”

That’s it. After forty-five years, that is still the goal and the method.

90 Day Refund Guarantee

Are you thinking you won’t get any value out of meditation?

Don’t worry about it. It comes with a 100% refund guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied with the Field Guide, all you have to do is DM @TheWayAlone and tell me that you want your money back. I’ll send 100% of your money back.

See that ‘Get Yours Now’ button? Its An Invitation To Expand Your Control Over Your Mind,
The Greatest Weapon, The Very Seat Of The Self
I Hope You Accept.