An American Ronin's Field Guide

Great Men Keep Journals

Roman philosophers SenecaEpictetus, and Marcus Aurelius all claimed that journaling was the path towards knowing the Self and improving it. On their good advice, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt kept journals. Much of what we know of their lives we learn the same way they did – we study their journals.

Journaling will show you the truth about yourself if you can tackle it with honesty and sincere reflection.

But you need a system.

This guide is all about how I get the most of journaling and how you can, too.

“Exercise. Sleep. Meditate. Keep a journal.”

“Exercise. Sleep. Meditate. Keep a journal.”

“Exercise. Sleep. Meditate. Keep a journal.” This is the advice you get from every self-help and personal development guru.

How many of them then teach you how to exercise, meditate, or get the recommended eight hours of sleep you need?

Journaling is no different.

If you start lifting weights without any training, you’ll waste a lot of time. You might even get injured.

When you sit down to meditate without instruction, you’re not going to get much out of it. Your thoughts will wander as your monkey-mind tries to insist it is in charge here (and tries even harder to get you to identify those discursive thoughts as your “Self.”)

If the purpose of your journal is to truly investigate your life and explore your “self” -rather than simply being a Diary- you’re going to need a strategy and wrestle with uncomfortable questions. That can be hard when you’re looking at a blank page for the first time.

When I started writing this guide, this blank page was staring back at me. I struggled with where to start, what to say, and how to make you want to listen.

I know what it’s like to look at a journal page and not know what to do next.

Through my time journaling, I found some answers to that.

Know that you are better than you were yesterday.

And have the records to prove it. Your journal IS that record.

Throughout the time I’ve been journaling,

  • I tried different strategies and tactics.
  • I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

I can help you avoid walking down roads that bear no real fruit.

All while helping you craft a journaling practice that is uniquely yours and yours alone…even as it evolves.


An American Ronin's Field Guide to JOURNALING

Take advantage of my experience.

Don’t spend months or years figuring it out when you can start now.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. How to name your journal and WHY your journal needs a name.
  2. How to organize your journal.
  3. How to set yourself up for success.
  4. How to reflect on your day.
  5. 1 secret that makes it all a lot more real. (Yeah…when you see it you’ll recognize it as good common sense immediately.)

Facts and "Boring" Information

The book is short. A quick read. 15-30 minutes so you can get started today.

There’s no filler. It’s all relevant.

You will need to spend a few dollars -a journal, some pens, pencils- to get started.

If you practice journaling with diligence, it will change your life.