The American Ronin Project

Every Warrior a Poet. Every Poet a Warrior.

An American Ronin's Field Guide - Journaling

Journaling helps you take an honest look at your life. It also helps you create and stick to a plan to improve your life.

An American Ronin's Field Guide - Meditation

Get control of your mind. Get control of your life.
Get your life on track.

35 Years Experience As A Warrior.

"Man was bred for war." - Nietzsche

Joseph Hall walking in the Middle East

US Army Infantryman and Field Medic. US Border Patrol Agent. Police Officer. Air Marshal.

I have walked the Glory Road the whole of my adult life. There are lessons about War that only War can teach but I’ve studied those lessons and try to impart them to others as best I can.

I believe every man was born with the soul of a warrior and poet, a healer and a mystic and a philosopher.

The Ronin has neither Lord nor Guru, but if you’re not yet the man you know you were meant to be, I will gladly walk this Way with you for a time and I will teach you all that I can of what I know.

Why me? Read this.

What Other People Say...

"If you're not reading the AMERICAN RONIN yet, you should be. Joseph Hall lays down the last lessons of the samurai master Musashi as seen through the eyes and experiences of a warrior. Written with the bluntness I expect of an infantryman, Hall brings the Master's precepts to light through a modern lens."
"AMERICAN RONIN is a great book for any young man looking to define his identity and figure out what it means to be a man."
"A living question hanging out there is: How to live our best life, an authentic life of meaning in the midst of all this? Musashi’s work and Mr Hall’s commentary speak from experience and deep study on this topic."

New Book!

An American Ronin’s Field Guide to MEDITATION

When did we give up the idea that the warrior, the poet, and the mystic were the same man?

Spirituality and meditation have always gone hand-in-hand with being really, really bad ass in my mind. Growing up with Kung Fu movies will do that to you.

I studied and began to understand what Kwai Chang Caine was doing when he sat on a rock minding his own business.

And here you can get that same understanding:
Here’s your no-bullshit, How To Guide on Meditation.